New Book(s) coming in 2021

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Exciting news. Velox Books, a new, small-but-scrappy publisher, recently signed yours truly to a two-book contract: one short story collection followed by a novel. The collection should drop first and will feature a mix of NoSleep stories edited and revised for print as well as all-new, never before published stories. Plus some dope cover art. Pluuuuuus I heard a rumor 1 out of every 100 copies will probably be haunted.

The novel will be based on the Amateur Exorcist series.

No set launch day yet on either book but finishing both will be my top priority for the next few months. If you'd like to be notified when they release you can sign up for Velox's newsletter here:

Sign up now(ish) and you can grab a free creepy e-book, The Pen Name, from David Jacob Knight.

Neat, right?

Also, feel free to show Velox some support on their social media. You can find all of that by visiting They may be new but I know they are pushing to make a splash with horror in 2021 and beyond. I couldn't be happier to work with them.



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