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How To Build a Haunted House

The sundown is tinted green, a wind blows in from the west, and the walls between our world and all others grow thin enough to slip through. Invisible nightmares walk among us, some more dangerous than others. Make sure when that happens, you’re somewhere secret and safe…

"I loved the story that included the Goatman because that was a local legend in the town that I grew up in. A stand out with its imaginative take on bringing people back from the dead."

-Amazon Reviewer
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House With One Hundred Doors

A team exploring a seemingly endless house, each door leading deeper into a mad world. A neighborhood where no one looks out their windows after 3 a.m. for fear of seeing the lone whistler passing through. A star-choked sky and a man determined to protect his family, even if it means cheating death.

“This collection of stories is like opening a door into the Twilight Zone where the disturbing, eccentric, and ghastly are hungry to ensnare you.”

-Julie Ash, author of The One and Only
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